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Sold outAncient silver drachm coin from the Danubian Celtic people of a rotund horse set in 18kt gold with enhancer bailAncient silver coin from Danubian Celtic region about 200 BC of a very abstract Zeus set in 18kt recycled gold with a large enhancer bail
Constantine Commemorative Roman Ancient Coin Pendant Hand of God 4 Horse Chariot 18kt Gold Ancient Roman Bronze Coin Constantine Commemorative Hand of God 4 Horse Chariot Constantine Reaching Up God's Hand Reaching Down Veiled Constantine on back Gold Pendant Video
Save $147.50King Azes II ancient silver coin on horseback following star MagiKing Azes II silver ancient coin Magi Zeus
King Azes II Drachm Silver Coin 35 BC - 5 AD (azii) Sale price$1,327.50 Regular price$1,475.00
Sold outKing Azes I one of the Magi on Horseback Athena on back Ancient Silver CoinKing Azes on horseback Magi ancient silver coin set in silver and 18kt gold
1794 Hawkehurst halfpenny copper token with horse1794 Hawkehurst halfpenny copper token with horse back
Roman Republic Denarius Horse Statue 114 B.C. (089)Ancient silver coin from the Roman Republic 114 BC  Horse and rider statue on top of a triple arch.  18kt gold setting with a crown of pave diamonds.
Roman Republic Silver Denarius Coin 111-110BC Three Horse Chariot Victory Gold and Diamond PendantRoman Republic Silver Denarius Three Horse Chariot with Victory Driving and Roman on back.  Gold Pendant with Diamonds.  Video