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The horse has inspired us for millennia and because of this is portrayed in many different forms of art, particularly coinage. From the grazing mares of Ancient Greece, the triumphal chariots of Ancient Rome, and the bounding steeds of the German States. Horses in coin art tell the history of civilization.

You can now wear a timeless, miniature piece of art that celebrates your love for horses.

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Roman Pegasus Silver Coin in Gold Setting
Coins over 2000 years old from Ancient Greece and Rome. Horses, charming creatures, and mythical beasts.
1794 German States silver horse coin 1/12 thaler in gold mount
Equestrian coins that are at least 100 years old, featuring beautiful horses from around the world.
Vintage Coins
Beautiful art. Beautiful coins. Inspired by the horse.

Custom Horsehair Jewelry

Create a timeless piece of jewelry that reflects how precious your horse is to you.

Every piece is one of a kind because it incorporates your horse's hair.

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Gold Keystone pendant with inset horsehair braid
Designed to protect your horse's hair so you can keep your horse close to you every day.

Looking for inspiration?

I've created a special page where I share some of the

jewelry pieces I've made with my beloved horses' hair.

Benz' and Elton's page

What people are saying...

The bracelets are so beautiful and fit perfectly. They help me feel connected to 'Murray', my companion for 25 years. Thank you for your efforts in making my keepsake reminder of the good times!


Thank you truly for the bracelet you expertly braided... It is a true memorial that I will treasure from my mare that I shared my life with, and learned with, from when I bought her as a 2-year old until she died at 24.


Omg! I forgot to tell you I got my necklace for Xmas and I LOVE it, I will wear it very close to my heart!!

Anita and Devlin testimonial

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