You never outgrow your connection with horses.  It's a part of you.  It has always been a part of you and always will be.  Now you can honor your love for your horse through custom fine jewelry that will protect your horse's hair for a lifetime.


​​Growing up, I was surrounded by a love for art and design that influences me to this day.  Each member of my family had their own passion and talent.  I was the 'horse girl', born with the love of horses that is mysteriously in some of us and make horse lovers a family of our own.
After a career in engineering, I had the opportunity to discover how I would like to spend my time; other than hanging out at the barn.  With my horse as my muse, I found working with horsehair and metals opens a realm that keeps me artistically and intellectually challenged.  But even more importantly, it is the creation of a piece of jewelry that has such a personal and emotional connection for the recipient that makes this work so fulfilling.

I hope you enjoy spending time at this site and hopefully finding something that speaks to you and your love for your horse.

With love,