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Gifts over $3000

Gifts over $3000

A beautiful assortment of ancient coins; perfect for one-of-a-kind gifting.

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Roman Republic Denarius Horse Statue 114 B.C. (089)Ancient silver coin from the Roman Republic 114 BC  Horse and rider statue on top of a triple arch.  18kt gold setting with a crown of pave diamonds.
Roman Republic Silver Denarius Coin 111-110BC Three Horse Chariot Victory Gold and Diamond PendantRoman Republic Silver Denarius Three Horse Chariot with Victory Driving and Roman on back.  Gold Pendant with Diamonds.  Video
Roman Titius Pegasus Denarius Silver Coin Gold and Diamond Pendant  90BCAncient Roman Republic Silver Denarius Coin Pegasus Bacchus on back Gold and Diamond Pendant Video
Roman Republic Silver Denarius Triumphal Chariot Winged Victory Gold and Diamond PendantAncient Roman Republic Silver Denarius Coin Triumphal Quadriga 4 horse Chariot with Victory above Juno on back Gold and Diamond Pendant Video
Roman Victory 2 Horse Chariot 91 BC (035)Roman Republic 91BC Victory driving Biga Roma on back gold and diamond pendant
Ancient Corinthian Stater with Pegasus.  18kt gold ring with diamond accents in the prongs.Corinthian stater Pegasus ring.  18kt gold ring.
Danubian Celt Ancient Silver Tetradrachm Coin Horse and Rider with Zeus 18kt Gold Pendant with Diamond AccentsAncient silver Tetradrachm silver coin. Celts Danube. Zeus and a Horse and Rider Certificate