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Danubian Celt Tetradrachm early 3rd century BC (079)



Ancient Celtic silver tetradrachm coin with an image of a horse and rider.    The reverse side of the pendant is a beautifully rendered image of Zeus. 

One of a kind with Certificate of Authenticity.

The chain is sold separately.  See Chains

Size and Material

25mm silver tetradrachm.  Set in an 18kt recycled gold mount, accented with Canadian-sourced diamonds.

Mounting fabricated in San Francisco, CA.


Dated: early 3rd century BC

In ancient times the Celts ranged from Spain to the Danube and as far south-east as modern Syria.  They adopted Greek coinage as a means for making payments and accumulating wealth. 
The most common ancient Celtic coins are copies of the Philip II tetradrachm.  This coin is an early copy of the Philip II coinage and is a close representation of the original. 

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