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Roman 90 BC Silver Titius Pegasus (029)



Very charming ancient coin with a rotund Pegasus.

Roman Q. Titius Silver Denarius with Flying Pegasus facing right.  

Head of Mutitinus Titinus (Roman God of fertility) on the reverse of the pendant.

Rome mint 90 B.C.

One of a kind with Certificate of Authenticity.

Size and Materials

Size: 20 mm

18kt recycled gold mount.


Pegasus was the son of Medusa and Poseidon born when Perseus beheaded Medusa.  Medusa was reputed to be very beautiful but angered Athena by having an affair with Poseidon.  Athena then turned Medusa into a snake haired Gorgon.
Pegasus was known as a gentle, helpful creature who Zeus granted immortality by turning him into a constellation upon his death.  Because of his ability to fly, Pegasus is often associated with divine inspiration and the immortality of the soul.

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