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Greek Kamarina Owl 413-405 BC Bronze (027)



Charming ancient bronze coin of an owl, looking forward, holding a lizard in its talon.  

On the back of the pendant is a Gorgon, a symbol in ancient Greece that was used to ward off evil.

The owl is the symbol of wisdom and learning; traditionally accompanying the goddess Athena.  The owl enabled Athena to see and speak the whole truth.

Dated: 413-405 BC

Bronze coin is 18mm in an 18kt gold mount.  

One of a kind.

With Certificate of Authenticity.

Shown with 14kt gold 1.3mm rolo chain.  Chain is available separately.  See Chain 


The Owl holds special powers; Wisdom, intelligence, ability to see through deception, defender of truth and honor, protector against negative energies. In Ancient Greece the symbol of a Gorgon was used to ward off evil.  The symbol was placed on doors, walls, floors, shields, coins, and tombstones.  Zeus and Athena were said to wear shields with the image of a Gorgon as protection. Kamarina, ancient city of Sicily, Southern Italy. Its remains are today in the municipality of Ragusa.  An ally of Athens in 427 BC, it was destroyed by the Carthaginians in 405 BC.

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