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Greek Cherronesos Silver Coin 400-350 BC (068)



Small ancient silver coin with a elegant lion, turning to look back over its shoulder, following the curved line of the coin.  This coin has lovely ancient toning and the lion is beautifully centered.  The coin shows a great deal of detail of the lion's mane and face especially considering it is almost 2500 years old.  

This archaic coin has an incuse, stamped, square on the back instead of a deity, as was common in later coinage.  Inside the square is a cicada, a rare version of the coin.

Dated: 400-350 BC

Size approx. 12mm in a hand fabricated 18kt gold mount.

One of a kind with Certificate of Authenticity.

Available with 1.5mm 18kt gold cable chain.  


The Lion symbolizes strength, courage, justice, authority, familial devotion, loyalty, wealth. The Lion teaches patience and self control. With a Lion symbol you tap into your true inner strength to find your authentic voice. Cicada symbolizes personal change, renewal, rebirth, and transformation. The ancient Greeks were fascinated by the cicada. It was sacred to Apollo and Dionysus. Cicada signals shedding your old skin. As a talisman, it encourages you to examine elements of your past to identify your authentic voice. Thrace, Cherronesos was the ancient name of the Gallipoli peninsula. Cherronesos was under the control of Athens from 560 BC to 338 BC, aside from a brief period when it was controlled by Persia.

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