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Greek Bronze Thrace 400-350 BC (047)



Beautiful ancient bronze coin with an image of a horse facing right.  The reverse side of the coin is an image four bunches of grapes within a square.

The beautiful sea green patina seen in this coin forms in damp environments.  The brown/black oxide from the bronze coin remains underneath the green.⁠

Thrace, Maroneia

Dated: 400-350 BC

Size approx 14mm in a hand fabricated 18kt recycled gold mount

One of a kind

With Certificate of Authenticity

Chain is available separately.  See Chains


Maroneia, Thrace was located in what is now northern Greece. Maroneia was one of Thrace's most important cities due to extensive and rich territory and to the port situated on commercial trade routes. It was famous for wine production and horse breeding. Hence horses and grapes are common themes on the coinage of the area.

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