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Greek Bronze Hippocamp and Athena, Syracuse 405-367 BC (030)


Ancient bronze coin with an image of a Hippocampus with elegant forward swept wings.  The obverse side of the coin is an image of Athena wearing a Corinthian helmet.  

Syracuse, Sicily

Dated:  405-367 BC

One of a kind with certificate of authenticity.

Chain is sold separately.  See Chains

Size and Material

Bronze 19mm coin

18kt recycled gold hand fabricated mount with 18kt enhancer bail. 

Hippos (horse) + kampos (sea monster).  Poseidon often drives a chariot drawn by hippocampi. The hippocampus is viewed as a benevolent and spiritual creature that helped people. As a mythical creature, it's strongly associated with creativity and imagination. Sailors regarded the hippocampus as a good omen in that it could control the waves and the weather.  It was also a symbol of agility and strength.

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