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Greek Bronze Bactria Caduceus and Elephant (073)



Large ancient Greek bronze coin with an image of a caduceus on one side and a trumpeting elephant wearing a bell on the other side. 

Dated: 200-185 BC 

One of a kind with Certificate of Authenticity.

Chain is sold separately.  See Chains

Size and Material

30mm in a hand-fabricated sterling silver and 18kt recycled gold mount with an 18kt gold enhancer bail.


Demetrios I of Bactria was never defeated in battle and was known as the second Alexander.  

The rejoicing elephant, depicted on the front of the coin is surrounded by the royal bead-and-reel decoration. The elephant, one of the symbols of Buddhism and the Gautama Buddha, possibly represents the victory of Buddhism brought about by Demetrios. The coin's reverse depicts the caduceus, a symbol of reconciliation between two fighting serpents, which is likely a representation of peace between the Greeks and the Sungas, and likewise between Buddhism and Brahmanism. It might also symbolize Asklepios, the Greek deity of medicine.  (

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