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Celtic Silver Coin circa 200 BC (110)



Small ancient silver coin in the stylized type of the Celtic peoples.  The horse is a charming and puppet-like.  It looks like he is flying, a Pegasus without wings.

One of a kind with Certificate of Authenticity.

Chain is available separately.  See Chains

Size and Materials

Size approx 15.5mm in a hand fabricated 18kt gold mount.


Dated: circa 200 BC

We associate Celtic culture with Ireland and Great Britain. But in ancient times the Celts ranged from Spain to the Danube and as far south-east as modern Syria.
The most common ancient Celtic coins are copies of the Phillip II tetra-drachm. The Celts adopted Greek coinage as a means for making payments and accumulating wealth.
What is distinctive about the Celtic coinage is that it quickly became abstract. The horse and rider from the Phillip II coin lost the rider and the horse became more like a disjointed puppet. The image of Hercules on the back of the coin also became more abstract with the hair and lion skin becoming patterns of dots and lines.


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