Gallery of Coin Jewelry

If you have any questions about the style of coins you see on this page, please contact me.  

Ancient coins are one of a kind.  Their variation in artwork, patina, and wear make each piece unique.  I have a number of coins that have not been set and I am always on the hunt for that next special coin.  

Let me know if I can help you find the coin that you will cherish wearing.

Ancient Pegasus silver coin from Corinth.  Set in 18kt gold.

Beautifully toned ancient Greek silver coin of Pegasus. The Pegasus is in full flight with pointed wings.

On the back of the coin is the goddess Athena in a Corinthian helmet.

Corinth 350-338 B.C.

Coin is approximately 20 mm set in a hand fabricated 18kt gold mount.

Very charming ancient coin with a rotund Pegasus.

Roman Q. Titius Silver Denarius with Flying Pegasus facing right.

Head of Liber (God of viticulture and wine) is on the reverse.

Rome mint 90 B.C.

Coin is approximately 16.5x18.5 mm in a hand fabricated 18kt gold mount.

Small ancient bronze coin with an image of an owl holding a lizard in its talon.

The owl is the symbol of wisdom and traditionally accompanies the goddess Athena. A helmeted Athena is on the back of this coin.

Dated: 425-405 BC

Bronze coin is approx 14mm in an 18kt gold mount.  

Beautiful ancient silver coin with an image of a lion looking backward. 

The coin is a hemidrachm from Chersonesos Thrace - near modern Gallipoli peninsula of Turkey. The reverse side of the coin is an incuse square.

Dated: 480-350 BC

Silver coin is approx. 12mm in a sterling silver mount.