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Jewelry Care

Care of your Coin Jewelry:

Your ancient coin has already survived a few thousand years, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need special care. Your ancient coin has been expertly and meticulously cleaned, except for gold coins which are usually in bright condition when found. Most coins are found in caches and a build up of dirt and oxidation has been carefully removed to restore the coin to its original glory.

  • The gold setting of your coin jewelry should be carefully cleaned with the polishing cloth provided.
  • A soft bristle tooth brush with a gentle, non-citrus dish soap will help remove dirt and smudges.
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry.
  • It is best to clean your jewelry regularly, before it gets excessively dirty.
  • Store in the jewelry pouch provided.

Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals. Chlorine causes chemical reactions that can damage your coin. Salt from sea water can also speed up oxidation. Removing your jewelry before you swim is a best practice to ensure your coin remains beautiful.

  • Do not scrub, polish, or use abrasives on your coin jewelry.
  • Do not using steamers or ultra-sonic cleaners on your ancient coin jewelry.
  • On bronze pieces, especially, the old patina forms a protective barrier against further oxidation of the coin.
  • For silver pieces, the patina can range from a prized 'cabinet' patina to highly cleaned.
  • Store in the jewelry pouch provided.
Natural skin oils, not the chemicals found in lotions and perfumes, will create a protective anti-oxidizing barrier on your coins. Natural wear will also keep oxidation at a minimum. So wear your jewelry to keep it looking its best.


Care of your Horsehair Jewelry:

  • Do not expose your horsehair jewelry to chemicals such as sunscreen, chlorine, perfume, etc.
  • Do not wear your horsehair jewelry while swimming.  It is best to remove when showering or bathing.
  • Try to keep your horsehair jewelry from becoming excessively dirty.  Once the hair is dirty is cannot be completely cleaned.
  • If individual hairs break, carefully trim the hair with a nail clipper.
To Clean your Horsehair Jewelry:
  • Gently wash using a mild soap or shampoo. 
  • Use a soft toothbrush or gently agitate in a plastic container.
  • Do not soak your horsehair jewelry.
  • Let air dry.  Never dry your horsehair jewelry using heat or a hair dryer