Roman Pegasus Silver Coin in Gold Setting

Ancient Coins

Fine coin jewelry from ancient Greece and Rome carefully curated with a focus on horses, animals, and mythical beasts.  Each is a one of a kind piece of wearable art.
1794 German States silver horse coin 1/12 thaler in gold mount

Antique coins

These beautiful horse coins range in dates from the 1500's to the early 1900's.


Chains available to complete your necklace.
Ancient Roman Silver Coin with Pegasus

Coin Jewelry

Beautiful equestrian and animal themed coin jewelry.  Wear a miniature piece of art everyday.
Gold horseshoe bracelet with inset horsehair braid

Custom Horsehair

Create a unique piece of custom horsehair jewelry as timeless as your love for your horse.
Silver horseshoe pendant with blackened silver bead inset

Equestrian Jewelry

Ready to wear jewelry that goes perfectly with your active equestrian lifestyle.  Or the ideal gift for the equestrian in your life.


Find the perfect gift for a special someone or for you.
Silver horseshoe pendant with inset blackened silver beads

Gifts under $200

A quick look at items that are available for under $200.  Perfect for gifting someone in your barn or for yourself.
Zipper braid horsehair bracelet with toggle clasp

Horsehair Bracelets

Stylish bracelets made with your horse's hair.   Wear a timeless memento to your love for your horse.
Horsehair Charms

Horsehair Charms

Add a unique charm to your charm bracelet or wear as a necklace.  A charm with your horse's hair is the perfect keepsake.
Horsehair Jewelry

Horsehair Jewelry

Create a unique piece of horsehair jewelry that reflects your love for your horse and that can stand up to your active lifestyle.
Gold Keystone pendant with inset horsehair braid

Horsehair Pendants

Easy to wear, a piece of jewelry that goes with everything.  With the added love of protecting your horse's hair.
Silver horseshoe pendant with gold bead inset

Horseshoe Collection

My Horseshoe design with a gold or silver inset used in pendants, bracelets, and charms.  Good luck equestrian style jewelry to wear every day.   Any of my horseshoe styles that use horsehair insets can be made without horsehair.  
New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Here are the latest additions to my collections.  It includes Equestrian coins, Horsehair jewelry, and Equestrian jewelry.