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Greek Bronze Siculo-Punic Horse 4th c. BC (050b)

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Beautiful ancient bronze coin with an image of a high headed horse with the right foreleg lifted.  The obverse side of the coin is an image of Persephone-Tanit.  The coin is a dark bronze.  This is a charming small coin and as is common with dark bronze ancient coins, the detail is much more apparent in person.

Greek bronze coin from Siculo-Punic region, modern day Sicily.  It's a bit confusing because Carthage, which controlled Sicily, was not considered Greek.  In ancient coins, coins dated from ca. 625 B.C. to 30 B.C. are categorized as Greek.  

Dated: 4th Century BC

Size approx 14mm in a hand fabricated sterling silver mount.  

With Certificate of Authenticity.

Shown with 2.2 mm silver bead chain.  Chain is available separately.  See Chains

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