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Greek Bronze Larissa Horse and Rider 400-344 BC (072)



Ancient bronze coin with an image of a horse with a rider carrying a couched lance, facing right.  The rider is wearing a hat called a kausia.  The back side of the pendant is an image of the nymph Larissa.  

With Certificate of Authenticity.

Size and Materials

Size approx. 19mm in a hand fabricated sterling silver mount.  

Shown with 2.2mm silver bead chain.  Chain is sold separately.  See Chains


Dated:  400-344 BC

Thessaly's unique landscape of broad and fertile plains along with regular summer rains, made the area ideal for cultivating grain and breeding horses.  Thessalian horses, noted for their beauty and courage, are believed to have been oriental types, brought to Greece by the Scythians. Alexander the Great's horse, Bucephalus, was originally from Thessaly, Pharsalos. The Thessalians branded their horses. It is known that the horses from Larissa were branded with a centaur, those from Pherai with an axe, and those from Pharsalos with a bull’s head.

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