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Greek Bronze Carthage Horse Head 300-264 BC (045)


Ancient Greek bronze coin with an image of a long necked, high headed horse.  A lovely image of the goddess Tanit is on the back of the pendant. The horse's head and neck are very elegant with the ears and mane swept back.

One of a kind with Certificate of Authenticity.

Chain is sold separately.  See Chains

Size and Material

21mm bronze coin in an 18kt recycled gold mount.


Greek bronze coin from Zeugitania, Carthage.  (North Africa, Tunisia)

Dated: 300-264 BC

Carthage, near modern Tunisia, was founded in c. 814 BC by Dido, sister of King Pygmalion of Tyre.  With its superior location near the sea, the Carthaginians expanded their Western Mediterranean trading empire to include Sicily. Curiously, the Carthaginians didn't begin to issue coined money prior to their second invasion for Sicily in 409 BC.  The style of artwork indicates that Greek artists were employed in the Carthaginian mints.

 Tanit, chief goddess of Carthage, equivalent of Astarte. She was a mother goddess, a goddess of war, and fertility symbols often accompany representations of her.

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