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Gold and Diamond Keystone Pendant

$1,857.00 $3,095.00


The circle symbolizes eternity.  No beginning and no end.  This is the way you feel about your horse.  The love has always been there and will always be.

The Keystone pendant is made with your horse's 2mm horsehair braid inset around the outer edge.  

The pendant is 14kt gold with a 5 point diamond.

 Only 1 available.


The large pendant is 1" (24.5mm) in diameter


The chain is not included in the pendant price.  To purchase chain to go with your pendant, go to the Chain collection.

How to Order Custom Horsehair Jewelry

  • I need a toothpick diameter of tail hair at least 12" long.
  • Make sure to measure the diameter 1/2 way down the length of hair.
  • For detailed instructions, see:  Order Custom Horsehair Jewelry
  • If you have any questions, please Contact Me.


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