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Gold Keystone Horsehair Bracelet



The Keystone component beautifully made into a bracelet.  Your horse's 2mm braid is inset into a channel around the outer edge.  The precious metal protects your horse's hair so you can confidently wear your horsehair bracelet anywhere. 

The large gold cable chain with the circular Keystone creates a classic bracelet that can be worn in a stack or as a standalone.

1 Available in 14kt Gold.

Gold orders require a longer lead time, up to 6 to 8 weeks.  The bracelet is available in 18kt yellow gold, white gold, and red gold.  Diamonds can also be added to the keystone.

Fabricated in USA.

Please contact me for special requests.

How to Order Custom Horsehair Jewelry

  • I need a toothpick diameter length of tail hair at lease 18" long.
  • Make sure to measure the diameter 1/2 way down the length of hair.
  • For detailed instructions, see:  Order Custom Horsehair Jewelry
  • To measure bracelet size, see:  Bracelet Measurement
  • If you have any questions, please Contact Me.

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