1914 Italian 2 Lire coin in gold mount with gold chain

1914 Italian 2 Lire Silver Coin (1914-2L-1)

$1,725.00 USD


Stunning statement piece on an 18" 18kt gold chain.  

1914 Italian 2 Lire silver coin with classical Roman artwork of winged Victory driving a Quadriga (4 horse chariot).  Victory has a shield in her left hand and an olive branch in her right hand.

This coin is in beautiful condition with sharp detail and the luminous quality of high content (0.835) silver.  

Artwork by Attilio Silvio Motti.

The coin is in an 14kt gold coin mount with a removable 14kt gold bail.  Approx. 27mm or 1" in diameter.  The pendant comes with an 18" 18kt gold 2.5mm rope chain.