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12 Ply Ribbon Horsehair Bracelet



A classic horsehair bracelet showcasing a beautiful flat, tight braid.  This braid style is gorgeous in a single color, light or dark, showcases the texture and pattern of the braid. 

This is a 12 ply braid.  It has 4 extra ply of horsehair strands than my usual 8 ply braids.  The extra ply add to the intricacy, pattern, and substance of the braid.  The 12 ply makes it an ideal option for braiding three horse's tails together.


This bracelet comes in 5mm end cap size and is approximately 9mm wide.

How to Order

  • I need a pencil diameter of tail hair at least 15 inches long. 
  • Make sure the pencil diameter is at the mid-point of the length of hair. 
  • For detailed ordering information please see:  Ordering Custom Horsehair
  • For bracelet measurement see: Bracelet Measurement
  • If you have any questions, please contact me.

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