Your Keepsake



Welcome Scottsdale Arabian Show Exhibitors and Spectators!

I hope that every one had a wonderful time at the show, no matter what the weather brought. 

Welcome to your special Scottsdale page.  

Every year you make this the most important show in the Arabian horse world. What brings us together is our love for horses.  

Let me know how I can help you create a beautiful, timeless keepsake that reflects your love for your horse.  Make sure to visit the rest of my website, access through the header above, to see what I can make for you.

Fill out the adjacent message form and I can answer your questions for you.  If you provide me with your email, I will send you a coupon code for Sterling Silver Heart gift with purchase.

Warmly,    Lisa





Horsehair jewelry distinctively designed to protect your beloved horse's hair.  Made to be worn.  Made to last.

Gold keystone pendant with horse hair square braid inset

Made to Order

Timeless horsehair jewelry made from your horse's hair.

Sterling silver horseshoe pendant with inset 2mm horsehair braid

Our horses live in our hearts, forever...

We search for the perfect way to honor our horse's role in our lives.  I have worked through many variations of keepsakes for beloved horses, including my own.  I strive to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that is the first piece of jewelry you put on in the morning and the last piece you remove at night.  

Encasing your horse's hair in a channel of precious metal is not only fitting of the way we feel about our horses but it also protects the hair from excessive wear.  This piece of jewelry is timeless just like our love for our horses.  

Horseshoe pendant with gold inset

Ready Made 

Equestrian style jewelry

Rocking Horse Crown Necklace

I know horse shows are very busy times and your focus is on the show and especially the horses.  Please sign up for my email list so that we can keep in touch.  And tell your friends.  I will keep you up to date on new designs, events, and important information.