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Ancient Greek Corinth Pegasus Coin Pendant

Ancient Greek Pegasus Coin

set in 18kt Gold

Ancient Greek Silver Stater 375 - 338 B.C.

Corinthian style ancient Greek silver stater of a Pegasus with pointed wings, flying left.  The goddess Athena is on the back with a Corinthian helmet pushed up on her forehead, a short sword is behind her.  

'Time is Money'

1863 Civil War Token set in 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver

1863 Hussey's Special Messenger Post Token

Wonderfully charming copper Civil War era token set in 18kt gold and sterling silver.  Minted by a New York messenger company to aid in streamlining commerce during the Civil War.  

Time is Money Civil War token set in gold

1824 German States Silver 16 Gute Groschen coin set in 18kt gold

German States Silver Coin 

set in 18kt Gold

1824 Hannover 16 Gute Groschen 

Large silver coin from the Duchy of Brunswick-Luneburg, now northwestern Germany.   This coin is definitely a statement piece being well over an inch in diameter with a beautifully rendered bounding horse.  

Ancient Bronze Horse and Griffin Coin 

set in Sterling Silver

Greek Alaisia "Kainon", Sicily circa 360-340 B.C.

This bronze coin has a unique patina with deep shades of red and green.  There is a horse on the front and a griffin on the back.  Both magical creatures, one real and one mythical.

Ancient Bronze Greek Coin with Horse and Griffin set in Silver

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