VIP New Coin Release

I have a new collection of coins to share with you.  Some of the coins are on the artisan jeweler's bench, they should be ready for me to pick up in a few weeks.  They are available for you to buy now.

Introducing new coin styles

Ancient Celtic Silver Coin with Horse

Ancient Silver Celtic Drachm 

circa 200 B.C.

Celtic coins originated as copies of the Greek Phillip II coins.  They became more abstract and eventually became very puppet-like with disjointed legs.  

Roman Republic Silver Ancient Coin with Dioscuri Gemini Twins on Horses

Ancient Silver Roman Republic Denarius

after 211 BC

The Dioscuri, Gemini twins Castor and Pollux, on horseback.  The Dioscuri are considered to be patrons of athletes and sailors.

Beautiful Ancient Bronze Coins

Ancient greek bronze coin Phillip II horse and rider

Phillip II Greek Coin

359-336 BC

A coin celebrating Phillip II's victories in the Olympics.  The beautiful green patina complements the gold setting. 

Constantine the Great Hand of God ancient coin

Constantine the Great

307-337 AD

Called the Hand of God coin.  Commemorates Constantine's victory at Milvian Bridge and conversion to Christianity.  WIth a striking 'desert patina'.

Coin Preview: Ready for you in 2-3 weeks.

Corinth silver stater ancient greek silver coin with Pegasus and Athena

Greek Corinth Silver Stater

350-338 BC

A Corinthian Pegasus coin with Athena in her Corinthian helmet on the back.  

This coin is being set in 18kt gold.


Corinthian style silver stater ancient coin with pegasus and athena

Greek Pegasus Silver Stater

350-300 BC

Many of the colonies of Corinth used the same style Pegasus and Athena coinage.  This coin is from Akarnania, Anactorium a Corinthian colony on the Ionian Sea.

This coin is being set in 18kt gold.

King Azes I Magi ancient silver tetra-drachm coin

King Azes I Magi Coin

58-12 BC

This large silver coin is a tetra-drachm.  It is believed that King Azes sent the 3 magi to Jerusalem.  Here the king is on horseback and the goddess Athena is on the reverse.  This coin is being set in sterling silver and 18kt gold.

Ancient bronze coin from Aeolis Kyme horse with urn

Aeolis, Kyme Bronze Coin

3rd century BC

Beautiful light bronze patina on this coin from a city on the Ionian Sea. The Amazon Kyme is on the obverse side of the coin.  This fun horse coin is being set in 18kt gold.

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