VIP New Coin Release

I have a new set of coins to share with you just in time for the Holidays.  

Introducing New Coins

Roman Ancient Silver Coin Pegasus Bacchus Gold Diamond Pendant

Titius Pegasus Silver Denarius

90 BC

Diamonds make this delightful coin sparkle a little brighter.  Pegasus is beautifully centered, looking to take flight on curved wings.

Bacchus, the god of viniculture is on the back of the pendant.

Roman Republic Silver Ancient Coin Triumphal Chariot with Winged Victory

Triumphal Quadriga with Winged Victory

87 BC

Unusual ceremonial chariot drawn by 4 horses.  Winged Victory flies above.  Juno, goddess of home and family, is on the back of the pendant.

Ancient Roman Silver Coin Two Horse Chariot with Winged Victory

Victory Driving a Biga

91 BC

  Exquisitely rendered horses pull a chariot driven by Victory.  

Winged Victory (Victoria) was depicted as a symbol of Roman military success. 

Ancient Greek Bronze Kassander Horse and Rider Bronze Coin Gold Pendant

Kassander, Macedon

319-297 BC

Rich dark green patina makes this ancient coin look and feel like a polished stone. 

A diamond studded bail adds subtle highlights to accent the beauty of this coin.

Ancient Silver Magi Coin King Azes II on horseback

King Azes II

35 BC - 5 AD

In the spirit of the Holiday Season.  King Azes II is thought to be one of the Magi, on horseback

 following a star.  

Zeus is on the back of the coin in an interesting mix Christian and Greek theologies.

Constantine the Great Hand of God ancient coin

Constantine the Great

337-340 AD

"Manus Dei" - the "Hand of God"  

This posthumous coin commemorates Constantine's victory at Milvian Bridge and conversion to Christianity. 

The hand of God reaches down to welcome Constantine to heaven. 

Ancient Greek Syracuse Carthage bronze coin  horse and palm tree

Zeutaginia, Carthage

4th-3rd Century BC

An elegant horse standing in front of a date palm tree.  This imagery is representative of Carthaginian coins. 

The goddess Tanit is on the back of the pendant


Ancient Greek Coin Syracuse Pegasus

Syracuse, Sicily Pegasus

336-317 BC

 Gentle and helpful Pegasus is a symbol of wisdom, bravery, and spiritual energy.  

Make a Pegasus coin your talisman for ideals and accomplishments; stability and movement.

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