Zipper braid horsehair bracelet
Zipper braid horsehair bracelet
Zipper horsehair bracelet sizes
Black and white horsehair zipper bracelet with toggle clasp
Zipper horsehair bracelet 5-6mm size

Zipper Braid Bracelet

$275.00 USD


Cherish and wear your horsehair bracelet.

This is a horsehair bracelet that makes a statement.  It is a perfect combination of eye catching looks and providing protection of your treasured memento.  You can wear your horse hair bracelet without worrying about wearing it out.

Handmade horsehair braid bracelet with sterling silver roundels added during the braiding process.  The silver roundels protect your horse's hair and give the bracelet substance.  


This bracelet comes in 2 end cap sizes: 4mm and 5mm

  • 4mm end cap braid size is approximately 11mm.
  • 5mm end cap braid size is approximately 14mm.

Collecting Horsehair

  • I need a pencil diameter of tail hair at least 15 inches long. 
  • Make sure the pencil diameter is at the mid-point of the length of hair. 
  • For more detailed information please see:  Collecting Hair