Ancient bronze greek Larissa horse and rider coin
Ancient bronze greek Larissa horse and rider coin
Back of ancient Greek bronze Larissa Thessaly coin
Certificate for Greek Larissa Thessaly Horse and Rider coin

Greek Bronze Larissa Horse and Rider 400-344 BC (072)

$315.00 USD


Ancient bronze coin with an image of a horse with a rider carrying a couched lance, facing right.  The rider is wearing a hat called a kausia.  The obverse side of the coin is an image of the nymph Larissa.  

Greek bronze coin from the city of Larissa in Thessaly.  Horses were frequent subjects of coinage from Thessaly as the region was known for the quality of their horses.

Dated:  400-344 BC

Size approx. 19mm in a hand fabricated sterling silver mount.  2mm silver chain.

With certificate of authenticity.

Shown with 2.2mm silver bead chain.  Chain is sold separately.  See Chains