Necklace with zipper horsehair braid
Necklace with zipper horsehair braid
Zipper Necklace

Zipper Necklace

$375.00 USD


The Zipper style horsehair braid in a necklace.  A necklace that is sure to attract attention.  Perfect as a keepsake for that special horse who made everyone stop and look.  

The upper row of sterling silver roundel beads are 4mm and the lower row are 5mm beads.  This creates a natural curve in the horsehair segment that follows the curve of your neck.


Indicate the length you want your necklace in the comment box at checkout.

How to Order Custom Horsehair Jewelry

  • I need at least pencil diameter of tail hair at least 15" long.
  • Make sure to measure the diameter 1/2 way down the length of hair.
  • For detailed information, please see:  Order Custom Horsehair Jewelry
  • If you have any questions, please Contact Me.