Greek Corinth Silver Stater Pegasus 350-338 BC (034)

Greek Corinth Silver Stater Pegasus 350-338 BC (034)

$2,700.00 USD


Beautiful toned ancient Greek silver coin of Pegasus.  Pegasus is in full flight with pointed wings.  The symbol of Corinth is below.

On the back of the coin is the goddess Athena in a Corinthian helmet pushed back from her face.

Corinth 350-338 B.C.

With authenticity certificate. 


This coin is being set in a hand fabricated 4 prong 18kt gold mount.  Please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Coin is approximately 20 mm 


Pegasus was the son of Medusa and Poseidon born when Perseus beheaded Medusa.  Medusa was reputed to be very beautiful but angered Athena by having an affair with Poseidon.  Athena then turned Medusa into a snake hair Gorgon.

Pegasus was known as a gentle, helpful creature who Zeus granted immortality by turning him into a constellation upon his death.  Because of his ability to fly, Pegasus is often associated with divine inspiration.